What is the background of coffin dance song & meme?


For some time on the internet, we got many memes about coffin dance. In these videos, we have been seen some people wearing a special costume and dancing with the coffin. Where nowadays, many people are dying due to Covid 19 virus so memers are using this video in memes so that people won’t come out and be in quarantine at home so people will have a reason for entertainment too.

Who are the coffin dance guys?

These guys from the Ghana(country) in west Africa. These guys work as paul ‎barriers in their company and the company name is Benjamin Aidoos. Maybe you are thinking who are paul barriers? Paul barriers are the ones who carry coffin box at funeral. The company size is 100 workers approximately.

Why This coffin dance guys are dancing in funereal time?

After death, while all people, family relatives are mourning, this company concept is that many people think when, after this when the people went from this world all people will remember them with love and RIP (Rest In Peace) person who dies and relative want people to see funereal with enjoy.

About & the Name of coffin dance music & video

This video is from Elizabeth ennen’s  mother funeral procession and his mother want when she go out of the world people not make Mourning and will Happy and that propose was hire paul barriers.

After seeing funeral  video some American blogger,  editor edits  with the song igy – astronomer and  the video gone to viral.  On this mostly people making memes and video. This video song by tony Igy – Astronomia who uploaded this video on 9 Feb 2018, You can check this original music video below link.

Coffin dance original music Video Name is Tony Igy – Astronomia (Official Video)


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