Calcutta(Kolkata) to London Bus in 1957 to 1976


Looking at the bus route in the picture, two types of questions might be coming in your mind: Is this photo real?

And if it is real, then did the bus from Calcutta to London really run after all? Yes friends, these photos and these facts are absolutely correct. That you once upon a time!! Meaning “From 1957 to 1976, you could go from Kolkata to London only through a bus and this is the longest bus route in the world, and I am saying this because even today there is no such bus service which provides such a long journey. Do you do?

All the intermediate travel needs were available in the bus like sleeping bunks, radio, washroom, kitchen and technical salon but this service was not started by any Indian or British company but by Albert Tours Company of Australia which started from Dharamtola in Kolkata. It reached England via Banaras, Delhi, Pakistan, Bulgaria