What is Plasma Therapy in Covid-19 (Corona virus) Treatment?


What is Plasma?

Plasma is a largest component in human blood and contains water enzymes antibodies and all such as nutrients.

Plasma therapy in corona virus treatment

In this Therapy take a blood from the cured person and extract Evacuation plasma from the blood  for  Virus neutralization by antibodies then it will be transferred in to the patient, When the sick person receive this healthy plasma the immune system introduce healthy plasma to identify sickness and such cases the virus  (covid-19 corona virus), after that white blood cells (RBCs) will fight virus in the body and get rid the infection.

How will treatment happens in corona virus patient

So how will treatment happen in corona virus patient we ask you Its practically transfer immunity of the person who has success fully fought and overcome and recover corona virus so his body naturally fight of corona infection to transfer immunity throw plasma that patient who has currently struggling corona virus and is actually on a ventilator & incubated.


  1. Blood plasma therapy should be used from recover patient or a patient who has been symptomatic very long time to a patient who in on ventilator and struggling with corona virus disease.
  2. That the recovered patient he/she decide to donate her/his plasma need to be age over 17 and weight at least 50 kgs.
  3. Need to be no other co morbidity like diabetes, need to be healthy.
  4. Donor should have cured from COVID-19
  5. Should have tested asymptomatic negative for over 14 days of corona virus.


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