Coronavirus (covid 19) Treatment Whereas Corona Vaccine Not Confirmed


In this article, we are proving information on the treatment for covid19 patient by Dr. Nazneen aman. This treatment is Effective when either the patient Corona Covid19 suspected or experiencing normal flu or Throat infection and pneumonia etc. First of all, all the patient sees high fever, cough and cold, chest pain, throat pain, and similar symptoms in these flus.

In India, for doing present analysis if they have covid19, so it takes 5 to 7 days unless its confirm, till then doctor doesn’t accept patients anywhere because they refuse to treat my patient in many big hospitals and refused to touch.

So how we start treating – when we have not any clue that is normal cough, pneumonia or Corona Covid19, as a matter of first importance you should go in a different room and quarantine the patient. Then help them with these medicines.

* TAB: LIVOFLOX 500 * Every 24 hour 1 -7 days (LIVOFLOX is used for the classification of bacterial infections )

* TAB PARACETAMOL / CROCIN 650 mg * For 7 days 3/ Days

(PARACETAMOL is a medicine used to reduce mild to moderate pain and fever.)

* TAB: MONTAOR LC * – 1 In night after dinner – for 7 days MONTAOR LC  Which is used for treatment and hypersensitivity symptoms.

* Syrup — BROZEDEX * 2 spoon morning and night 2-5 days (Bro-Zedex Syrup is use to Asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis   used to clear mucus from the respiratory tract etc.)

* TAB: Ab Phylline 200 MG * – 1 time morning or evening (Ab Phylline 200 MG Tablet SR is powerful Bronchodilator medicine which use to treat blockage increase asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary related disease)

TAB: Hydroxychloroquine – Morning or evening 1st  day , 3rd day , and 6th day (Hydroxychloroquine is a used for anti malaria  )

* CAP: Antiflu 75 mg * Morning and night 5days (This is used to treat infection virus etc.)

If coronavirus (covid 19) symptoms is increase high

If symptoms is increase high –  fever, cough,  Throat infection and abnormal breath and Above and if getting not any improvement, then you can give dosage from IV medium antibiotic b heavy dosage also which is below

*Injection – IV PipZO 4.5 * – 3/Days   for 5 days

*Injection – IV loxof 500mg * 1 / day – for 5 days

*Injection – Targocid 400mg*  1 / day – for 5 days

Note –

  1. treatment after medical doctor advice

2. Give patient something food in 1 hour gap.

Suggestion & Precaution

# Keep ready oxygen cylinder if you get emergency situation, if situation more critical, so The patient may need a ventilator.

# Wear mask and gloves

# Use Hot water, honey with Nigella (Kalonji) seeds and before report negative  don’t let go patient out.

# Keep clean every surface,  Wash hand minimum 20 second.


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