What’s the background of ‘Wait a minute who are you’ memes?


Wait a minute who are you original video

As you will have seen in some video memes a kid see back and say wait a minute who are you, memers using this video clip to react and roast  and fun.

This meme clip also includes the list of greater than 15 years old video like maybe you have seen abe sale meme, African, Nigerian kid meme as you have read a recent article.

Background of Kazoo kid video

This kid is famous from tv show You on Kazoo in the year 1989  This show Director is Doug Bernstein and writer is Doug Bernstein. In this show children and playing a kazoo, kazoo is a plastic instrument or kids gadget and know as miriliton for amplifying sound kids enjoy with this, This kid plays and goes the legend. In uploaded 2014  Three minute thirty three second video You On Kazoo! Which video trending  in 2017 around the world and got 15 million views, because this kid say wait a minute who are you very impressive voice and expression so memers are using to troll to making memes.

Who is Kazoo kid?

This kid Real name is Brett Ambler and was born on 8 December 1984 in Redding, Connecticut USA.

Before fame he studied on communication on Richmond University.



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